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Our job is not complete until every effort is made to assist our graduates find employment in the bar and restaurant industry.

Once you finish classes at the Cleveland Bartending School, you can access and scour our many job postings. We are in constant contact with companies that call in looking to hire our graduates. And we often find ourselves with more jobs than we students to place them in. This is why over 90 percent of our grads find jobs. That means you have an almost perfect chance to gain employment after taking classes at the Cleveland Bartending School.

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cupLocal Job Placement Assistance

When you graduate from the Cleveland Bartending School, your future has only just begun. The greater Cleveland area has 2,500 liquor establishments and employs over 10,000 bartenders. Representatives from many of those establishments call us looking for new employees with the skills we provide. We also reach out to bar and restaurant managers in the area to help them fill their in-demand positions.

cupNationwide Job Placement Assistance

Professional Bartending Schools of America

We are a part of the Professional Bartending Schools of America (PBSA), the nation's largest group of independently owned bartending schools. That means we have access to the job placement boards of over 100 nationwide campuses.

Just talk to our job placement director to see if there is a school in the location you would like to work. We'll set up an appointment for you. Then, all you'll have to do is show your PBSA diploma at the new campus. And all their job postings are available to you absolutely free.

cupOnline Job Placement Assistance

We have made finding a job easy by tapping into the power of the Internet. You can access our online job board from home, work or any computer with Internet access. We post currently open positions in neighborhood bars, local hot spots, hotels and restaurants. Our online job board can be accessed any time of day, any day of the week. Just get a user name and password from our job placement office the day you complete our courses.

Don't limit yourself to our job postings either. How quickly you find employment depends on your enthusiasm, personality, people skills and aggressiveness. Once you are certified in mixology, there's no reason bar owners can turn you away from a job. It saves them the time and money of training you, and you'll have knowledge of more than 150 classic and popular drinks and shooters. Many of our graduates find employment within two weeks of completing our course.

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